Steps to becoming a member

Step 1: Download the file for a single or a family membership application depending on your needs.

Step 2:  Please scan and email the application to us for membership acceptance.

Step 3:  We will notify you that your membership has been accepted.

Step 4:  Please print and sign a copy of the Belmead Trail Riding Etiquette.  

Step 5:  Please print and sign a Liability Waiver

Step 6:  Please print and complete the credit card payment authorization form and choose to pay in full or pay with 12 equal installments or make a copy of your check that will pay your membership in full.

Step 7:  Please scan and email us a copy of your membership application, a copy of your signed Belmead Equestrian Club Trail Riding Etiquette, a copy of your signed liability waiver, a copy of your horse's Coggins certificate, and a copy of your completed credit card authorization form or a copy of your completed check.  

Step 8:  ****If you paid with a check please mail the original check to 5115 Prince George Drive, Prince George VA 23875.

Step 9:  Once we receive your payment and all signed forms we will supply you with two saddle tags that have your membership number on each tag.  

Step 10:  Safely secure your membership saddle tag on both sides of your saddle where it is clearly visible.

Step 11:  Plan your first ride at Belmead Equestrian Club and enjoy your membership.     


Membership Applications

Single Membership Application (pdf)


Family Membership Application (pdf)


Liability Waiver (pdf)


Credit Card Payment Authorization (pdf)


Trail Riding Etiquette (pdf)