Decals & Saddle Tags

Vehicle Decals

Membership decals will be distributed to all members. Staff will be able to verify if a vehicle belongs to a valid member by a simple glance at the vehicle. Guest rider vehicles will obtain their parking credentials when they arrive. Membership decals are to be placed on the inside of your truck windshield on the far left side (driver’s side) just below the tinted area of the glass. If this placement obstructs your view in anyway please contact management immediately for alterations. Please read more about guest pass and sign up in the section of our site for guest registration.


Each member or guest to our property will be instructed exactly where to park via email or direct instruction on site. Our goal is to improve traffic flow and promote safer vehicular movement at the Outpost. The nose of all vehicles will point in the same direction and each internal pathway will be one way with external pathways being two way. Traffic flow pattern is posted on our website, numerous places at the Outpost and will be emailed directly to you any time the traffic flow patterns are revised.

Parking pattern enforcement will not be implemented until campsite construction is completed.

Outpost Sign In & Out

To ensure members safety, don’t forget to sign both in and out at our outpost building, also known as the bathhouse.

Saddle Tags

Each member will be issued two membership saddle tags with their membership number on each tag. The tags should be clearly visible from both sides of your horse. Our tags will be color coded by the year. Each member will receive a new tag prior to December 15th. The new tags will be used starting January 1st of each year. In the event that the actions of any member needs to be reported, the membership number is all that is needed to be reported to staff. Additionally if a horse is spotted with no rider the saddle tag number will tell us which member the horse belongs to. Likewise if any rider is noted to have the wrong color saddle tag, this too should be noted to staff. All notifications should be emailed to