Mt. Pleasant Riding Club

Trail Riding

Membership at Belmead Equestrian Club is coupled with full membership to Mt. Pleasant Riding Club. Mt. Pleasant is our first expansion activity and is scheduled to open in 2020. This 1000 acre property is separated from Belmead Equestrian Club only by Deep Creek. Mt. Pleasant Riding Club boasts some 15 miles of trails for trail riding and has never before been enjoyed on horseback. The stone wall that shadows the banks of Deep Creek is certain to tease your mind as to how the family of Bartholemew Stovall built such a structure before the start of the 1700’s. Our purely primitive Mt. Pleasant Riding Club gives you the opportunity to become one of only a few that can say they have crossed the 1700’s Mt. Pleasant humpback bridge. The Humpback bridge is the hidden gem of Powhatan County, Virginia and stories tell that Washington and Jefferson traveled the then public road, now referred to as Barthalemew Stovall Parkway, that traversed the south bank of the James River and crossed the historic humpbacked bridge on numerous occasions.

Elevation changes, rock cliffs, waterfalls and unparalleled views are sure to put a return trip to Mt Pleasant Riding Club quickly on your calendar.

Belmead James River Horse Ride