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Guest Policy

Each guest must be accompanied by a member in good standing of Belmead Equestrian Club. Minor guests are allowed but any minor guest must be accompanied by their parents who may be a member or a guest. The minor’s parent must sign the minors waiver along with the minor. Guests can have a maximum of two visits per year to Belmead Equestrian Club. A member can have more than one guest per day and can have unlimited guests per year.

Riders requesting a guest visit to Belmead Equestrian Club are asked to do the following:

1. Complete a guest application
2. Sign and a liability waiver form
3. Sign our Belmead Equestrian Club Trail Riding Etiquette list.
4. Complete a credit card authorization form paying the $45 per day fee.
5. Scan and email all of the above along with a copy of your Coggins certificate.

Upon receipt of these items we will process your credit card and place a guest parking pass and guest saddle tag in the “Out Box” inside the bath house in the stall area. We will mark the envelope with the name of the sponsoring member of the guest. Once the visit is over, the guest will place their saddle tags and guest parking pass back in the envelope and place in the “In Box” in the bath house. If the saddle tags are not returned the guests credit card will be assessed and additional $25 for the replacement cost of the saddle tags.

The sponsoring member is fully responsible and accountable for the actions of their guest.

Belmead Camping –
If a guest requests a stall or a camping site please complete the campsite and/or stall reservation forms and email these in also.

All guest forms must be completed and submitted at least 48 hours before desired visit date.

**Please remember all sewage collected by campers must be carried off property for disposal.

Belmead James River Horse Ride

Guest Pricing

Prices for guests only. Members are responsible and held accountable for their guests actions. Please ensure your guests read and understand our trail riding etiquette.

Riding Fee –
Daily rate to ride the trails of Belmead.


Guest Applications