Trail Status

All Zones OPEN Except Zone 9


We have been notified that construction on the Cartersville Bridge (at the entrance to Belmead) will begin on July 27, 2020. At that time you will need to detour around to get onto Belmead Property. Members need to refer to the map in the July 2020 BEC Newsletter. Email Belmead Equestrian Club with any questions. Please watch for detour signs.

Please check this webpage or our Belmead Equestrian Club Facebook page, each day before departing for Belmead to identify any zones of our property that may be closed. Our zones are color coded. The boundary line of each zone will be a trail or waterway. The boundary line trails of each open zone will always be open even if the trail touches the boundary of a zone that is closed. Identifying zones that are closed will help you plan your ride appropriately. Zones might be closed for weather reasons, maintenance concerns of trails, or special events. Please honor the zones of the property that are shown as closed for the day.

Belmead Trails & Zones Map

Outpost Sign In & Out

To ensure members safety, don’t forget to sign both in and out at our outpost building, also known as the bathhouse.